Macadamia-pähkinät kertovat etiikan tarpeesta

macadamiaEnsimmäinen Nobelin rauhanpalkinnon vastaanottanut afrikkalainen nainen, Wangari Maathai, etsii syitä Afrikassa vallitsevaan valtaisaan korruptioon — ja avaimia ongelman ratkaisuun.

Now, macadamia nuts need to be fully ripe to be ready for processing, and they are not fully ripe until they fall to the ground. But some people (the farmers told me) had started shaking the trees before the nuts were ripe, in order to make them fall; others had begun climbing the trees and picking the nuts even before they were ripe enough to be shaken from the tree. In the end, the greed had become so enormous that some individuals had simply crept onto the farmers' land at night, cut down the trees, and hauled them away, so they could harvest every single nut for themselves.

Wangari Maathai päätyy Hyvejohtajuuden lukijoille tuttuun ratkaisuun: vain täydellinen eettinen vallankumous voi iskeä ongelman juuriin.

Beyond the culture of dependency in Africa [MercatorNet]

Photo credit: tomeppy