Kriisinhallinnan oppitunti Fukushimasta

Fukushima on oppikirjaesimerkki siitä, miten kriisiä ei tule hallita. Esille nousevat taktisten toimintavalmiuksien lisäksi myös taustalla vaikuttavat puutteet etiikan hallinnassa.

”This points to a bigger problem in crisis management, worldwide and not just in Japan: lack of training in ethical decision-making in emergencies. Crisis-preparedness training normally focuses on technical details of how to fix problems and how to communicate with the media.

But executives are poorly prepared for making ethical decisions under pressure. When lives are at stake – particularly as they are in a potential nuclear meltdown – you can’t stage an escalated response. You must have an ethical response. You should be throwing everything you have at the situation from the beginning.”

MercatorNet: People have to come before profits, even in a crisis.